Bull Safety Socket 5 Way Extension Socket Outlet with Certified Safety Mark & 3 Years Warranty (3.0 Meters Cable)

BULL Safety Socket Protect appliance Protect you

5 Way Extension Socket (3.0 Meters Cable)

Model: GNSG-E3050-30 Power Strip have Individual LED Indicator & 2-PIN Euro Plug Friendly.
Color: White color
Length: 3.0 Meters Cable (3*1.25,3m)

Max Power: 3000W
Max Voltage: 250V
Max Current: 13A

-----║ Warranty║------
3 years (Failure to comply with installation and safety instruction voids the warranty.)

For electronics used in indoor environment, home appliance, office computer,precious instruments, electronic equipment and so on.


- High conductivity by using 1.25mm² copper wires
- Safety Shutter: less misplay, much safer
- 10,000 cycles ON/OFF for the switch
- Long life span with 15,000 cycles insertion
- High-temperature resistant to 750℃ by adopting high quality PP
- Integrated Brass Bar structure ensures reducing risk of fire
- Two hanging holes for easy installation


- Don't bundle the cable to prevent overheat.
- Ensure that the maximum load is less than 13Amp.
- Don't use in wet, damp or moist conditions.
- Don't use if the plug, lead or the socket is damaged.

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