Citylife 4 / 5Tier multi-purpose Rack - J7096/J7097

Item Name: Citylife 4 / 5Tier multi-purpose Rack

Model Number: J-7096

Dimensions: 36.0(L) x 29.7(W) x 76.6(H) cm


Model Number: J-7097

Dimensions: 36.0(L) x 29.7(W) x 98.3(H) cm


Colors Available: Chocolate, Chartreuse Yellow

Material: 100% Virgin PP Material (Child-safe, Odor-free) 

- Sturdy connection parts and footing to ensure stability

- Lightweight and durable enough to handle most household items.

- Easy assembly and can be disassembled easily for relocation or storage.

  • $35.90