Citylife - Auto Sensor Bin 12L T-9020 (1PCS)

Citylife Auto Sensor Bin - 12L - T9020 (1 Piece)


Size: 26.3*26.4*34.1cm
Capacity: 12L
Colour: Dairy White


- Made of PP Virgin Material and ABS Material

- Durable design, able to hold trashbags of most dimensions.

- Available in Dairy White color, suitable for all areas of the house.

- Comes with waterproof design to prevent water leak into the bin.

- Designs with precision sensing and sensor distance able to be adjustable.

- Able to open in 0.3 seconds, automatically close in 3 seconds.

- Wet and Dry separation: Able to put 2 trashbags into the bin