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Citylife Collapsible Storage Box - Small/Large Size 38L/68L - X6276/X6277 (1 Piece)


30 In Stock

Size :

Citylife Collapsible Storage Box - Small Size 38L - X6276 (1 Piece)

Size: 50.0(L) x 31.0(W) x 31.5(H) cm
Capacity: 38L
Colour: Grey

Citylife Collapsible Storage Box - Large Size 68L - X6277 (1 Piece)


Size: 59.5(L) x 37.5(W) x 35.8(H) cm
Capacity: 68L
Colour: Grey 

- Made of 100% Virgin Material (BPA-free, Pure, Clean and Safe!)
- Evergreen design with Citylife
- Easy keeping with collapsible and easy to assemble again
- Perfect for car boot storage, marketing, storing car-wash materials and so much more!

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