Citylife Sleek Storage Cabinet - 66L - G5111

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Item Name: Citylife Sleek Storage Cabinet - 66L

Model Number: G-5111

Dimensions: 46.4 x 25.4 x 81.2 cm

Colors Available: Clear

Material: 100% Virgin PP Material (Child-safe, Odor-free) 


- Sleek yet large capacity storage cabinet. Comes with 3 smaller drawers and 1 large drawer to allow for a wider variety of stored items. 

- Small and compact size allows for storage in previously unused corners and spaces. 

- Storage cabinet comes pre-assembled with 2 back wheels for even better mobility and accessibility. 

- Transparent cabinet drawers allow for easy viewing of stored items. 

- Drawers are flushed when close to prevent entry of dust and pests.