Citylife Stackable Airtight Storage Container For Kitchen Dry Food Storage ContainerH-4104050607

Model: H-4107

Dimensions: 13.8*9.3*7.7cm

Capacity: 2.1L

Color: Black Lid


Model: H-4106

Dimensions: 10*10*20.2cm

Capacity: 1.4L

Color: Black Lid

Model: H-4105

Dimensions: 10*10*15.2cm

Capacity: 1L

Color: Black Lid

Model: H-4104

Dimensions: 10*10*10.2cm

Capacity: 0.7L

Color: Black Lid

*Photos shown is for illustration purpose only*

- Made of 100% PP Plastic Virgin Materials

- Air-tight for fresher food storage, food storage container comes with internal silicone ring

- Elegant and sleek design, with highly transparent walls for clearer view of stored items

- Stackable design with curved grooves on each lid

- Made with food grade PP material

- Round and smooth finishing on all edges

  • $8.90
  • $14.90