Citylife Children Step Stool Kids Mini Ladder Toilet Bathroom Step Board Foot Stool - (Hold Up To 80kg) D-2121

Model Number: D-2121

Dimensions:  44.0 x 29.0 x 15.0 cm

Colors Available:  Pink, Blue, White

*Photos shown is for illustration purpose only*


- Material: 100% Virgin PP Material (Child-safe, Odor-free)

- Sturdy and elegant designed stepping stool, with sleek and sweet cloud design 

- Reinforced with 5 rubber grips at the base, for even more secure stepping or sitting 

- Takes up to 80KG with reinforced base 

- Easy storage and mobility with finger hole carrying 

- Designed with special "c" shape design, allows for tapering to washroom toiletbown base, promotes even better digestive tract clearance! 

- Multiple uses in one stool, suitable for every space at home or in the office. 

  • $11.90
  • $19.90