Citylife 1.2L to 9.7L Storage Box Organizsation Box Wardrobe Kitchen Living Room Storage Boxes Organizer H-7334-40

Model Number: H-7334

Dimensions: 7.0*14.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 1.2L


Model Number: H-7335

Dimensions: 7.0*28.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 2.4L


Model Number: H-7336

Dimensions: 14.0*14.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 2.5L


Model Number: H-7337

Dimensions: 14.0*21.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 3.8L


Model Number: H-7338

Dimensions: 14.0*28.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 5.1L


Model Number: H-7339

Dimensions: 21.0*28.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 7.7L


Model Number: H-7340

Dimensions: 21.0*35.0*15.0cm

Capacity: 9.7L

Colors Available: BROWN

*Photos shown is for illustration purpose only*


- Made of 100% PP Virgin Material

- Elegantly designed trendy and sturdy storage holder

- Comes with multiple sizes and allows you to DIY based on your needs

- Great for organization and durable quality walls

  • $6.50
  • $11.90