Citylife - Collapsible Front Door Storage Box 50L X-9099 (1PCS)

Item Name:  Collapsible Front Door Storage Box 50L
Model Number: X-9099 (1PCS)
Dimensions: 52.0 X 36.0 X 30.0H CM
Colors Available:  Orange, Yellow, Blue
Capacity: 1.6L
Material: 100% Virgin PP Material (Child-safe, Odor-free) 

1. Collapsible design storage box with front doors allow for easier storage when not in use.
2. Comes with 2 handle front doors for even smoother and easier retrieval of stored items while doubling up as a mini cabinet!
3. Stackable and study design for storage space optimization.
4. Made with high quality virgin PP Material, able to withstand heavy weights.
5. Side carrying handle holes for increased mobility.
6. Front doors lock design ensure items do not fall out during moving or carrying.
7. Fun colors on door handles add a splash of color and fun to your daily space!

  • $24.90