Citylife 10L Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Yoovida Swivel Lid Trash Garbage Bin T-3085

Model Number: Z-3085

Dimensions: 20.9 x 20.9 x 29.0 cm

Capacity: 910L

Colors Available: White, Coal, Grey

Design: Cat / Bird *Randomly given*

*Photos shown is for illustration purpose only*

- Made of 100% Virgin Material (BPA-free, Pure, Clean and Safe!)

- Durable design, able to hold trashbags of most dimensions.

- Comes with scented wood pellet and holder for deodorant use.

- Swivel top for easier discarding of trash and prevention of pets and pests from entering bin when not in use.

- Multiple colours available, suitable for all areas of the house, elegant colors.

  • $10.90
  • $21.90